A Saunder Desk Review

The following is a Saunder desk review that is specifically designed for those individuals who may perhaps be in the dark over what this kind of office furniture has to offer. To begin with, Saunder has for a very long time earned an unprecedented reputation for producing modern and highly efficient computer desks. These given products come in a wide range of styles, materials and even finishes. From which you can effortlessly and conveniently select the one that matches your distinct requirements and preferences to the T.

An excellent computer desk, out of sheer necessity, ought to be perfectly compliment your PC and the space you work in. To this very end, this acclaimed furniture company has gone to great lengths to provide viable solutions for virtually any kind of office setting. Whether it s a high powered executive desk, a home office desk or even an appropriate workstation for your children, Saunder always has an ideal answer.

These one of a kind products are noted for coming with a wide variety of features, which makes them well suited to almost any type of office task. This includes a dedicated vertically positioned CPU cubby. Elevated shelves to hold the monitor ,printer or scanner. Extra storage areas to hold all your work documents or even hidden storage to store your most sensitive documents. Almost all Saunder computer desks also come with excellent cord management functionalities that can immensely minimize clutter in your office.

Like earlier stated, these products integrate sturdy and highly robust construction, which for the most part, is laminate over MDF. There is also a lot of options to choose from when it comes to the exact finish that appeals to your fancy. Some of the most popular finishes you could ever make the decision to settle for include brush maple, cinnamon cherry, bourbon oak to mention but a few.

Should you prefer working with a laptop, Sauder can also sort you out in a comprehensive manner. This range of computer desks feature open storage, and are designed with a strategic height to enable you to work on your laptop in a markedly stress-free way. To make things even better all these products are made available at relatively affordable and cost effective price tags. Which can place you in an excellent position of picking a computer desk that suits all your needs without been necessitated to break an arm or leg in the process.

This, however, does not in any way compromise the unparalleled quality, functionality or even durability of these desks. You will still be able to choose a suitable computer desk that you can rely on for a very long time to come. This variety of Saunder products are widely available in all reputable online marketplaces, so you will not have to sweat to find an excellent outlet. This includes amazon.com, walmart, furniture.com along with this firm’s official website www.saunder.com Saunder computer desks can also be accessed in numerous brick and mortar furniture stores nationwide. Hope this Saunder desk review has been insightful.

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An Intel i7 6700K Review

Intel is arguably the global leader when it comes to producing CPUs that are noted for their unparalleled versatility and top notch performance. Very recently this tech giant unveiled its brand new processor; the i7 6700K. This chip hails from the Skylake series of fourteen millimeter processors along with the i5 6600K. This given chip comes with four cores, eight threads and can clock top speeds of 4 GHz, with a turbo clock rating of 4.2 GHz. Which undoubtedly makes this product to be four percent more quicker than Intel’s old i7 4970K CPU. This is very evident when you also take into account that it boasts of video encoding improvements of up to six percent of all previous products from this company. Well, let us now get into this i7 6700K review proper, and see just what all the excitement is all about. More importantly whether it is all smoke or fire.

DMI interface performance enhancements

With this new chip, Intel has made it a point to double the DMI interface performance. This as you may probably already be aware of is what connects the chipset to the processor. What all this really equates to is the fact that you can now be in an excellent position of connecting a pretty quick M2 SSD with a total of four different PCI express lanes with the chipset. This can very obviously allow you to be able to obtain the maximum possible performance from the latter component.

Overclocking improvements

Intel has also decided to step up its game when it comes to overclocking than was previously possible. In a nutshell with the i7 6700K there is no longer a baseclock strap. What all this boils down to in essence, is you can now be in a position of obtaining unlimited access to baseclock overclocking. This definitely means that should you wish to do so, you can conveniently purchase an affordable CPU. While more to the point, proceed to ramp it up with the very best cooling you could get your hand on. Which is something that was not possible with Intel chips with the exception of the LGA775 socket and earlier.

Strategic repositioning of the voltage regulator

To make things even better, Intel has also made a practical repositioning of the voltage regulator, which was previously to be found on the processor itself. With the i7 6700K the voltage regulator is now located right in the motherboard. This state of affairs goes a long way in presenting an improved control over all the different sections of the CPU.


Despite integrating what some skeptics may call lackluster improvements on speed and video encoding, this chip is certainly a step in the right direction. This product does paint a very favorable picture of the processors that Intel will manufacture in the nearby future. Most especially when it comes to DMI interface performance as well as overclocking. The latter of which brings back the fond memories of overclocking a processor via a bus, which was a common occurrence with the LGA775 socket and earlier. Hope that this Intel i7 6700K review has been insightful.